Property Management Disputes

KDL Law are landlord and tenant experts, not merely debt collectors.

KDL Law are landlord and tenant experts, not merely debt collectors. Accordingly, we are experienced in advising on and resolving all types of disputes arising in the management of residential long lease property. These may include:

  • unlawful alterations
  • nuisance issues arising from the conduct of the lessee or perhaps their tenant where the property has been let
  • unlawful sub-letting
  • unlawful assignment of the lease or failure to notify you of an assignment
  • any other non debt related breach of the lease terms

Our advice to clients is based on a practical and commercial approach always being aware of the client’s need to keep costs to a minimum, whether or not those costs are likely to be paid by the defaulting lessee.

Whilst we resolve many of these issues without the need to refer the matter to court we have a wealth of experience in managing and settling cases through the County Court and/or the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal should a matter become disputed.

How to Instruct Us

Instructing us is very simple and we need little in the way of information from you. All we require is the following

  • The leaseholder(s) name and current address
  • The address of the subject property
  • Details of the breach
  • Our aim is to respond to your instructions and issue a letter before action to the defaulting lessee either the same day or at the very least within 24 hours.


We will then instigate any proceedings, where necessary, promptly on the expiry of any deadline imposed on the lessee. The lessee will understand very quickly that they must address, without delay, the issue raised in our pre-action correspondence or proceedings.

In some instances there may be a genuine reason for a lessee’s non payment or compliance.


In these circumstances, which currently are very common, we will assist the lessee in addressing the breach (usually by obtaining payment or assistance from the mortgagee) in a very short space of time. This practical approach ensures that the breach is remedied quickly and significant and unnecessary costs are avoided.

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