Service Charge and Rent Arrears

KDL Law are specialists in the recovery of unpaid rents and service charges owed by lessees under long residential leases. Generally this work is conducted at no or minimal cost to our client.

Our experience

Our experience in this sector enables us to approach service charge and rent arrears recovery in a manner that in almost all cases will see the client recover not only the arrears but full costs from the defaulting lessee.

Importantly our clients benefit from the KDL Law experience in respect of the service they receive but also in the effectiveness of that service on the future collection of charges.


Our clients regularly confirm that once we have acted, a previous defaulting lessee will give charges due a higher priority next time around, and as a result we rarely have to pursue the same defaulting lessee twice.

Where disputes arise we have both the experience and legal expertise to provide full advice on the merits of the dispute and manage a matter through to trial.


Our advice is tailored to each situation but with an emphasis on obtaining a commercial and practical solution to our client’s benefit in all cases.

In many case we are able to avoid the need for proceedings by assisting a defaulting lessee to remedy a breach of their own accord and thereby save time for the client and costs for the defaulting lessee.

How to Instruct Us

Instructing us is very simple and we need little in the way of information from you. All we require is the following:

  • The leaseholder(s) name and current address
  • The address of the subject property
  • Statement of arrears

Our aim is to respond to your instructions and issue a letter before action to the defaulting lessee either the same day or at the very least within 24 hours.


We will then instigate any proceedings, where necessary, promptly on the expiry of any deadline imposed on the lessee. The lessee will understand very quickly that they must address, without delay, the issue raised in our pre-action correspondence or proceedings.

In some instances there may be a genuine reason for a lessee’s non payment or compliance.


In these circumstances, which currently are very common, we will assist the lessee in addressing the breach (usually by obtaining payment or assistance from the mortgagee) in a very short space of time. This practical approach ensures that the breach is remedied quickly and significant and unnecessary costs are avoided.

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